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Jalan-Jalan: A Visit To JDM Auto Link

This new post will the the first of many in a new category that we have created, Jalan-Jalan. The word Jalan-Jalan, is a Malay word which means sight seeing or in its singular form jalan which means to walk. We went sight seeing at the famous Sunway automotive district which is home to numerous workshops that serve […]

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Random Snap: Tuning GT-Rs

Imagine having a pair of GT-Rs in your office space. The older BNR32 is sporting a fully built single-turbo RB30 while the BNR34 shines in its Bayside Blue glory. The RB30-powered BNR32 roars its full might through several pulls on the dyno giving its owner a huge smile. Tuning a car is not all about […]

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