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Air Cooled Singer Homage Tee


The Air Cooled Singer Homage Tee is to commemorate the the classic air-cooled Porsches of the yesteryears. A true Porsche aficionado will definitely get turned on by the warble of the air-cooled flat-six engine, giving the legendary character of the classic Porsches. Singer Vehicle Design have lent their creative prowess in recreating the retro but modern Porsches. Thus Awesome Powered pays homage to both air-cooled Porsches and Singer Vehicle Design with the Air Cooled Singer Homage Tee that comes in White, Black, Slate, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Gold and Red.

Be one of the lucky ones to own and wear the air cooled greatness!

All Air Cooled Singer Homage Tees are made from fine jersey American Apparel tees giving them a durable and vintage feel. The tees are double stitched, slim fit and made in the USA.



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